Docteur Céramique offers various services that cover the same industry. Whether it’s for small or big jobs, it shall be performed with reliability, EXPERTISE, PRECISION and impeccable after-sales SERVICE.

Ceramic installation, marble, granite, slate, molten glass, mosaic, travertine, vinyl tiles.

REPAIR of cracked tiles and grout, floor and wall shower and bath.

Repointing of grout joints with epoxy grout, floors, wall showers, bath, kitchen backsplash and counters.

Tiles and grout DEEP CLEANING


INSTALLATION OF decorative stone wall and fireplace.


INSTALLATION OF waterproof and soundproofing acoustic membrane.

INSTALLATION OF radiant floor.

PREPARATION of surfaces for installation.

OUTDOOR INSTALLATION : patio, balcony and garage.

INDOOR INSTALLATION : INDOOR INSTALLATION, flooring, wall shower, bath, podium, backsplash, basement, fireplace and staircase.